Pig ear press

X-Ray Book Co. is about the coolest press you are going to find in the world of books. Having printed works by the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski and Richard Brautigan the press brings style and swagger to your book case. I was also lucky enough to have the help of X-Ray Book Co. with The Suitcase Library.To find out more, drop your eyes here http://www.xraybookco.com/index.html

Based out of Deadsouls Bookshop in New Zealand, Kilmog Press produces handmade books that should probably be being sold for hundreds of pounds. But fortunately, what are limited-run works of art are usually a lot cheaper...of course the hard part is finding out about them before the rabid collectors nab them all. The press is not easy to find online, but you can find out a bit more here...http://www.deadsouls.co.nz/kilmog.html

Bottle of Smoke Press has had a huge influence on Pig Ear Press and its founder, Bill Roberts, is a prime example of what is great about the small press scene. Alongside publishing cult authors from around the globe, he has continuously supported other people - including Pig Ear Press - in various ways. My book shelves are a brighter place thanks to Bill's books. One of my favourite releases was his 9 in 9 challenge in which he produced editions of nine separate titles in nine days. To find out more please go here http://bospress.net/

Tangerine Press is now a decade old and I've been fortunate enough to have bagged a number of their titles in that time. Head honcho Michael Curran has taken the press forward with every step, publishing the likes of Billy Childish, James Kelman, William Wantling and Iain Sinclair, with each release coming a limited run of handsome hand-bound editions. Last year's The Glue Ponys by Chris Wilson is a fantastic collection of short stories for starters. Go here https://thetangerinepress.com/

Paper and Ink is part of the DIY zine scene. With a clear aesthetic editor Martin Appleby produces zines which despite a paper & staples assemblage show a care and attention sometimes missing from this scene. The press printed Joseph Ridgwell's The Cross (a novel in three parts) and accepts submissions for its Paper and Ink zine. For more information pop by here... https://www.paperandinkzine.co.uk/

Blackheath Books grinds out books in the badlands of Wales that have a distinctive utilitarian look. Using old equipment to hand produce books by the likes of Jenni Fagan, Billy Childish and Joseph Ridgwell, the press has shown a key eye for talent. You can get your hands dirty over here http://www.blackheathbooks.org.uk/

Poems-For-All is the brainchild of US-based small press wizard, Richard Hansen. He has created thousands of miniature books which are given away free and then released into the wild. The authors range from household names to up-and-coming writers, with each book carefully designed and (I imagine} given a wee kiss on the head before being set loose. Go here http://sacfreepress.com/pfa/ to find out more.