'Luther' By Claudia Bierschenk

"For the first 16 months after he was born, Claudia wrote a poem for her son Luther every day. This is a selection of them. She lives in Berlin, Germany."

This collection of 12 short poems is Letterpress printed and hand bound in boards using high-quality artists' papers in the Pig Ear Press workshop on the island of Gozo. 

This is a limited edition of 26 lettered copies with each copy signed by the author.  The price is £25.00 which includes postage to anywhere in the world


'Mexico' By Joseph Ridgwell

Mexico is the final part of Ridgwell's semi-autobiographical trilogy (Cuba/Jamaica/Mexico). Each short story focuses on a separate part of Ronnie and Ridgwell's journey across the world in search of everything and nothing. Each book can be read on its own, so worry not if you missed out on the long sold out CUBA (in search of Hemingway). A small number of copies of Jamaica are still available from the PEP book shop.

Limited to 50 copies the price is £6.00 which includes P&P to anywhere in the world.

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